The First and Only FDA Approved BOTOX® Syringe


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Injecting BOTOX® Has Never Been Easier

*0.5 ml syringe marked with bold, red 5, 10, 15, and 20 unit hash marks
*Eliminate confusing cc's to units conversions Revolutionary patented uni-body design
*100 individually blister packed syringes per box
*Available in 30 & 31 gauge comfortable short needles
*Precision and accuracy with every injection
*Compatible with all neurotoxins
*Save valuable chair time
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  • "We are a set of clinics in British Columbia that administers 1000's of Botox® units each week. We have been using UniTox as our syringe for the past 5 years. There is truly nothing else comparable to it in the Canadian or American markets."

    -Dr. Matthew Ward, MD CCFPMedical Director and Owner, British Columbia Botox® Clinics

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BOTOX® Reconstitution Tutorial Video